Questions I would ask when interviewing an agent

Real Estate MATTHEW BURGAN May 3, 2023

So after years of being a Nationally recognized Real Estate agent, I often think if I could go back when I was hiring agents to assist me in buying or selling homes/houses/properties, what questions I should have asked, and didn't. So this blog is essentially me educating myself of ten years ago, but feel free to utilize the questions and concepts to your benefit. 


When interviewing an agent:

1) Why did you become a real estate agent?

  • I want to know the agent's true reason for becoming a Realtor. They'll probably give some sort of generic answer regarding wanting to help people. To which I'd say, "That's great, could you show me some objective examples where you've helped people?"

2) Please show me your MLS stats showing how many transactions you've closed for buyers and sellers

  • I look at Realtors like Surgeons. I wouldn't want a surgeon to operate on me or one of my loved ones if they haven't proven their proficiency on at least 100 patients before me! 

3) Please explain your policy on process transparency and communication 

  • The two biggest complaints clients have with realtors are a lack of communication and a lack of understanding what the hell is going on in the process. 
  • Crap agents promise you the world and never speak to you after you've signed the applicable buyer/seller docs

4) What makes you unique compared to the other agents I will be interviewing? 

  • There is no shortage of licensed realtors, however, there is a notable shortage of highly professional, proficient and empathetic ones

5) For listing agents; What will YOU DO to assist in the selling of my house?

  • Taking cell phone photos of a listing and placing a sign in the yard a great listing agent does not one make!
  • Going back, I wish I knew there were agents (like me) that would power wash my house, stage my house, landscape my house and get professional real estate photos done....At no cost to me!

6) Please explain to me what your true value proposition is?

  • Having a real estate license doesn't mean anything to be honest. The barrier of entry is basically a pulse and a little bit of free time to take the class and pass the test
  • I would have wanted to know what this individual in my living room truly has to offer other than access to the MLS

Again, this is directed at the younger me who had a multitude of negative experiences real estate agents. These are the questions I'd go back and tell myself to ask. There are some really great agents in this industry, it just takes some knowledge and skill to be able to identify them. Happy hunting! 




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